The Émile Boutmy Scholarships at Sciences Po University, Paris

The Émile Boutmy Scholarships

The Émile Boutmy Scholarships are offered by the Sciences Po University in France. Named after the Founder of the University, this scholarship aims at attracting top-performing students from outside the European Union. It is awarded to students of both bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Check out the details of this scholarship program below to see if it is for you:


 Monetary benefits granted to the winners of this scholarship generally vary. Most undergraduate beneficiaries get anything between 3,000 euros and 12,300 euros for their three-year undergraduate programs. In a few exceptional cases, an undergraduate beneficiary may get up to 19,000 euros.

As for master’s-level beneficiaries, they get between 5,000 and 10,000 euros per year for their 2-year programs. One-year Master’s programs are not eligible for this program. 

How The Recipients of the Émile Boutmy Scholarships Are Decided

To start with, only first-time applicants of the Émile Boutmy Scholarships from non-EU countries and whose families do not file taxes in any EU state are eligible to apply for the scholarship program. Also, to be eligible, an applicant must have been admitted to an undergraduate or graduate program at Sciences Po University.

Applicants are judged based on their profiles and the individual course requirements. The applicant profiles that match the program’s priorities the most successful the most. Social criteria apply. Then, of course, each applicant would have to fulfill the requirements of the particular course he or she is applying for.

Who Is Not Eligible for the Émile Boutmy Scholarships? 

For the sake of clarification, the following are never eligible for the Émile Boutmy Scholarships: 

  • Candidates from all European Union countries. 
  • Candidates from Switzerland and Norway (for having access to CROUS scholarships).
  • Candidates who have dual citizenships that include citizenship of a European Union state. 
  • Masters degree candidates from Quebec (since they can access sliding scale fees just like European Union students). 
  • Doctoral degree candidates. 
  • Exchange students
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s dual degree candidates (except for a few programs and sometimes under a special arrangement).
  • Current beneficiaries of other scholarships. 
  • Applicants for one-year Master’s program
How to Apply for the Émile Boutmy Scholarships? 

You apply for the Émile Boutmy Scholarships while applying for Science Po University admission. To start your application process for the scholarship program, you will need to indicate that you are applying for the Émile Boutmy Scholarship on your Science Po University admission application. As an applicant for this program, you may be asked for documents. 

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